From Pharmaceuticals to Cosmetics, from Nutraceuticals to Veterinary

The demand for soft gelatin capsules is increasingly popular in various industries 


The demand for soft gelatin capsules is increasingly popular in various industries, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, from nutraceuticals to veterinary.

This is due to their bioavailability and numerous benefits.

The following are the advantages of using soft gelatin capsules:

  1. Fast action due to the short disintegration time.

  2. Longer product shelf life of the encapsulated actives.

  3. Possibility of dosage reduction

  4. Accuracy of dosing

  5. Homogeneity of preparation

In summary, all these distinct advantages make softgels an appropriate way of delivering highly oxidized drugs, hydrophobic drugs, easy-to-melt medicines, and health care products.

Pharmagel know-how, experience, and equipment apply to the

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, soft gelatin capsules are increasingly chosen for:

  • for strategic reasons (line extension);

  • technological issues (high uniformity of low-dose drug content);

  • safety aspects (reduction of contamination by the operator and the environment with highly potent or cytotoxic compounds);

  • consumer preference (ease of swallowing).


The nutraceutical industry's main need is to present herbs, extracts, vitamins, etc. in a potent, unoxidized, natural state.

Softgels enable the ideal dosage formulation, offering the following advantages:

  • Oxidation-proof barrier;

  • They keep the oils in their natural state and prevent evaporation;

  • Very long shelf life;

  • Can prevent interaction between incompatible substances;

  • Masks unpleasant odors;

  • Easy to swallow, especially for women and children.

Pharmaceutical OTCs

In addition to the strengths mentioned above, which are also valid for pharmaceutical products, there are additional features of softgel capsules that are particularly important for OTC product development:

  • Tamper-proof (cannot be opened and refilled). Softgels are an increasingly common first choice for OTCs in North America, Europe, and Australia precisely because of their tamper-proof characteristic.

  • Biological availability is far superior to most tablets and hard capsules. Soft capsule products provide faster relief of symptoms. An important factor in achieving this rapidity of action is the fact that polyethylene glycol solutions of various key active ingredients used in cough/cold preparations, ibuprofen, etc., can be easily encapsulated in softgels.

Ethical Pharmaceuticals

Softgels provide an often superior oral dosage form, and the ethical pharmaceutical formulator can also rely on the following key points:

  1. Most accurate oral dosage form - up to ±1% dosage accuracy;

  2. Lower incidence of side effects due to better bioavailability;

  3. Production safety-no airborne dust during the production.

In addition:

  • Possibility of unit dose tube products;

  • Possibility of producing temperature-stable suppositories and pessaries;

  • Profitability and flexibility: only one production line is needed for oral capsules, tube capsules, and suppository/pessary capsules.


The following specific characteristics of softgels capsules are important for cosmetics, an industry with high-profit margins:

  • Elaborate and unusual shapes and designs;

  • Pearlescent colors;

  • Unique and convenient single-dose tubes with twist-off caps;

  • Rapid dissolution in water;

  • Oxidation-proof barrier and long shelf life;

  • Attraction and beauty;

  • Justify higher profit margins.


Soft gelatin capsules allow a single controlled dose to be administered to animals.

The challenge of administering drugs to animals is well known, dose acceptance and obstacles to therapeutic compliance can be overcome through the use of softgel formulation technologies designed to ensure that drugs can be administered properly and easier.

For oral and pour systems, suitable application for parasite control.

Industrial Softgels

There are many other industries that can benefit from the use of softgel capsules:

  • Unit dose adhesives;

  • Insecticides, nematocides;

  • Unit dose plant foods;

  • High attraction fish bait;

  • Food flavorings.

The food industry uses softgels to package concentrated flavorings along with food products.
They allow standardization and easy filling of containers. Flavors stay in good condition and no residue remains during use, as the entire unit dissolves easily. Softgels can also be used to accurately dose flavorings into bulk foods.

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