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New lipid-based formulations: Pharmagel softgel oral bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs R&D solutions

Pharmaceutical field that, up to now, chose to outsource their production to CMO, are now equipping to produce industrial batches internally.
R&D division installed in Pharmagel is essential for new formulation testing and product transfer at new Clients plants.

New Product Development & Technological support

Pharmagel provides unique softgel encapsulating products formulation!

New soft gel capsule formulation

Experimental trials

Pilot batch production in Pharmagel R&D plant

Supply of manufacturing procedures

Pharmagel aim is to continuously develop new product concepts and technological solutions to all the products.
The R&D department is also vital for the Pharmagel internal set up of all the technological innovations, before introduction on the market all our innovations are tested internally with several productions in the extreme conditions.


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Pharmagel: 50 years in softgel capsule formulation, product development with value softgel proprietary machine production technologies

With the experience of nearly 50 years in capsule production, Pharmagel is the perfect partner for the development of softgel dosage form, giving competent support for softgel innovative product development for most complex formulations. New softgel formulation is in a continuous grow for the high impact of lipid-based formulations to improve the oral bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.

Our Pharmagel Product Design & Pharmagel Development department leverages our experience to offer you a dedicated service – from product concept and feasibility to verification of the right formulation (selection of raw material) and the manufacture of trial batches.

Pilot scale batches at Pharmagel R&D division allow faster development of Clients’ innovative products and renewal of their existing product in different dosage forms.

Supply of Product master files and Manufacturing procedures in accordance with the requirements of major international health authorities