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Pharmagel sofgel capsule the complete plant solution in Pharmaceutical, OTC, nutraceutical and cosmetics.

Soft Gelatine Capsules – Softgels —showns a considerable growth.
 This is due to their bioavailability & marketing advantages:

1— Rapid action, due to their short disintegration time
2 — Longer product life of encapsulated actives
3 — Possibility of dosage reduction
4 — Accuracy of dosage
5 — Homogeneity of preparation


Pharmaceutical OTC’s

Ethical Pharmaceuticals



Industrial Softgels


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In the pharmaceutical field soft gelatin cap¬sules are increasingly being chosen for:
• for strategic reasons (line extension),
• technological issues (high content uniformity of low-dose drugs),
• safety aspects (reduced operator and environmental contamination with highly potent or cytotoxic compounds) and
• consumer preference (easy to swallow).

The main concern of the nutraceutical industry is to present herbs, extracts, vitamins, etc. in a potent, non-oxidised, and natural state.
Softgels have the ideal dosage form profile:
Oxidation proof barrier
Maintains oils in their natural state and prevents evaporation
Very long shelf life
Can prevent interaction between incompatible substances
Masks unpleasant odours
Easy to swallow – especially by women and children.

Pharmaceutical OTC’s
Further to the above mentioned strong points, also valid for Pharmaceuticals, there are additional features which are specifically important for the development of high popularity OTC products:
1—Tamper-proof (cannot be opened and refilled). Softgels are an increasingly common first choice for OTC’s in North America, Europe, Australia because of their tamper proof characteristic.
2— Far superior bio availability in comparison to vast majority of tablets and hard shell capsule products. Softgels capsule products give faster relief of symptoms. An important factor in achieving this rapidity of action is the fact that polyethylene glycol solutions of various key actives used in cough / cold preparations, ibuprofen etc can be easily encapsulated in Softgels .

Ethical Pharmaceuticals
Softgels grant an often superior oral dosage form and the ethical pharmaceutical formulator can count also on the following key-points:
1— The most accurate oral dosage form – up to ±1% dosage accuracy
2— Lower incidence of side effects due to improved bio availability
3— Manufacturing safety, no airborne powders in manufacturing
In addition:
– Unit dose tube products are possible
– Temperature stable suppositories and pessaries are possible
– Profitability & flexibility – only one production line required for oral capsules, tube capsules, suppository/pessaries capsules.

Cosmetics have high profit margins.
The following unique features of the Softgels capsule are important for cosmetics:
Elaborate and unusual shapes and designs
Pearlised colours
Unique and convenient unit dose tubes with twist off tops
Rapid dissolution in water
Oxidation proof barrier plus long shelf life
Attractiveness and beauty
Justify higher profit margins.

Delivery of controlled unique dose to animals.

The challenge of administering drugs to animals is well known, dose acceptance and obstacles to therapeutic compliance through the use of softgel formulation technologies designed to ensure that drugs can be administered properly and easier.
For oral and pour on system, suitable application for parasite control

Industrial Softgels
There are many applications:

Unit dose adhesives
Insecticides, nematocides
Unit dose plant foods
High attraction fish bait
Food flavourings.

The food industry uses Softgels to package concentrated flavours along with food products. This allows standardization and ease of container filling. The flavours are kept in good condition and there will be no residue during use, as the whole unit is easily dissolved. Softgels can also be used for the accurate flavour dosing of bulk food.